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Bed needed over the stair box for an older child - could a mid sleeper easily be adapted to fit?

Hi. I need a bed built over the stair box for an older child - 10 at the moment but it will need to last a few years - and am wondering if the easiest and cheapest option might just be to buy a pine or metal mid sleeper and have it adapted (the two straight legs cut to fit over the stair box). I'm guessing these two shortened legs would need to sit on something fixed to the wall rather than directly on the stair box? Is this a viable option and something that could be done easily? Thanks in advance!


Thanks for your quick and very helpful response Thomas! :) Glad to know this is a viable option. Would the plywood just sit directly on top of the stair-box? I'm not sure the stair-box would support the weight of a teenager, as the stair-box end would be the head end of the bed and so the end that was used most when sitting reading/watching TV etc. Or would the plywood sit on a frame that was fixed to the wall? Or would there be "legs" in the middle section of the plywood as well as the end furthest away from the stair-box? Sorry for asking so many questions - just trying to get my head around this!


Thanks for adding the picture Thomas. The stair-box we have is much smaller than the one shown in the picture. It's at least the width of a single bed but only about a third of the length of a single bed and only about 65-70cms high. I will get the exact measurements tomorrow (and try and get some pictures). Due to the height of it I'm thinking that a mid-sleeper may possibly fit comfortably over it and perhaps the legs at the end of the bed could be left in place??? I suppose the base of the bed may still need reinforcing somehow??? I'm not sure our ceilings are high enough to accommodate a high-sleeper. I think also that the stair-box may not be solid enough to support the weight of a bed and a teenager so the timber batons at the top of the bed and along the side might be necessary??? I will get the exact measurements tomorrow and then get back to you. Thanks!


Sorry for the delay Thomas.

I haven't managed to get any pictures yet but the measurements are as follows:

Width - 94cm
Length - 71cm
Height - 68cm

I've been looking at pine mid-sleepers and they are a couple of cms wider than the above but the clearance between the floor and the bed (approx. 74cms) would mean that they would fit comfortable over the stair-box.

I've also been looking at metal mid-sleepers as these seem to be a little sturdier. Do you think it would be possible to adapt one of these by cutting off the two legs at the head end and fixing the head end to batons on the wall somehow??? This would leave the foot end (and stairs) intact.

Few things to think about still!

Thanks so much!


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I have carried out this job before in a similar way you suggested. Firstly I used a sheet of 18mm plywood that was cut to the size of single bed and placed this over the stair box with additional supports/legs made to support to plywood base at the end away from the stair box.

I then purchased a wood high sleeper cut the legs off and placed it on top of the plywood platform and fixed it to the base using stretcher plates. I then cut the ladder to suit the height of the platform and job done.

I hope this helps.

My stair box used to have a built in cupboard above it so it is brick built with timber (floor boards) on top so it supports the weight fine. If you think yours will not support, I would attach timber battens to the walls above your box and sit the platform on top of the timber. I will take a photo of my work later and add it to my profile so you can take a look at what I did.

- I have now added a photo to my profile page showing my work - It is just a high sleeper with no legs resting on a platform. The feet end of the platform is supported by one leg and the other and the wall. The pink wood is basically cladding to make it look neater and hide where the plywood meets the stair box. I was very lucky because the box is pretty much the same width as the bed. You have to use a high sleeper to get the rails and ladder.

- Hi again, I'm a big wood fan so I would opt for pine over metal any day. It is always really hard to give advice without seeing a job, but cutting off two legs is probably how I would do it and come with a way of bolting the bed to the wall. Either by using wood batons, some type of bracket or bolting the frame directly into the wall. If you get yourself a Toolstation or Screwfix catalogue there are all manner of fixings you can use from coach bolts to resin fixing kits. My rule is you can never use too many fixings so fix it to the wall - make sure it is safe then double your fixings to make sure it is double safe.


Answered 14th Jan 2014

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