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Water dripping down from fascia instead of gutter

There is water dripping down from fascia when it rains. The fascia itself is upvc, not wood, thank god. It's a bungalow, so quite easy to access. I had a look and think the problem is due to flashing being receded. As i only moved in recently, i don't know how long fascia and flashing were installed. There doesn't seem to have water in the loft, so there is no leak. I intend to have it fixed properly in the summer. is there anything i can do at the moment myself?

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Very simple to fix
Push second row of tiles back and remove first row
Cut the rotten felt back 25 mm so there is no rott on sarking felt drips
Install e.p.s (eaves protection system)under old sarking felt and ensure that the crease in the eaves trays are pressed tight against top of the fascia
Tack down with stainless steel pins
Then put tiles back on then pull them back this will stop drip
Hope this helps


Answered 20th May 2016

Without looking at the roof it seems that the water is missing the guttering because perhaps the previous owners may have had new fascias overlaid onto the old. This then pushes the guttering out from the roof line by 9-17mm. Any rainwater (or in sparodic areas) then simply misses the gutter.

To recitfy this (if I have diagnosed correctly) is to install plastic eaves protectors which wil then divert all the rainwater into the guttering.

On a worse case scenario you may have a very shallow pitch whereby wind driven rain is bypassing the tiles, then running down the felt and then dripping onto the soffits/fascias where the undertile felt normally perishes at the eaves.

Hope this helps....



Answered 5th Jan 2014

If the under felt has receded and the felt is not running into the guttering, carrying the water from the roof to gutter, you will need to fit plastic support trays, remove bottom row of tiles, fit support tray under existing felt and into gutter, this will cure your problem.


Answered 23rd Jan 2014

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