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Why is my upvc door leaking?

I had a new uPVC back door fitted after my house flooded back in 2007. It has an opening door in the middle and long windows either side with small opening windows at the top.
Until last week it has been fine although the closed "fit" of the door has always looked like it should be tighter, there seems to be a gap?
After heavy rain 2 wet patches have appeared under the door on the carpet. The patches are getting bigger every day. The patches are either side of the base of the door. Any ideas please?

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On the sash frame, located half way up the door, there should be a steel plate about 2 inches in size. Within this there should be an alan key adjustment that will make the door tighter upon lifting the handle up, hope this helps.



Answered 7th Jan 2014

If it is an uPVC door it will have a lock running the whole height of the door there should be some roller cams on the lock adjust them with the Allen key to tighten the door. In addition, look at the locking keeps on the frame they may be able to be adjusted. Also, the drainage holes at the bottom of the door may be blocked.

Good luck

Steve Miller.


Answered 11th Jan 2014

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