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Internal condensation - window has lost 'thermal conductivity'

Over the last few months, we have noticed that condensation appears on the inside of our living room window ( not in the cavity ) in the evening, The radiator is below the window, the window is about 15 years old and I believe is pvc over aluminium (Everest make). The condensation actually noticeably climbs up the window the longer you stay in the living room, more so if the heating is off. The window doesn't have any vents in, but the room does have a chimney vent, the house is pre 1920. Some one did suggest that the window has lost it's 'thermal conductivity' and needs replaced. Any ideas would be grateful.

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The reason for the condensation will have many factors but the most common is a change in some way to the house or room. It also could be down to the change in the weather. If you get a cold wind on the glass, the room has heating working to keep the room warm it will enable the atmosphere to hold a high percent of moisture. If the room is not vented then you will get the high humidity that the room has not dispelling. It gets in contact with the inside skin of the sealed units and then it hits the dew point and relinquishes the moisture on the glass pane.
The unit may have a leak were the argon in the cavity has escaped but if this is so the unit would go misty in between the glass.
The answer is the just change the glass sealed unit for an A rated unit. If the window is ok then this is the best answer to the problem.


Answered 10th Jan 2014

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