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Installing new lowered ceiling to make space for loft

Hi, I'm planning a loft conversion and at the stage of checking whether its basically feasible given my house, before I then start to look for a builder.

My loft is a bit on the short side, but my 1st floor ceilings are 3m high, so I think I can lower the ceiling under the region of the roof I want to convert, to create the required headroom to pass regs.

I need advice on whether I am allowed to fix the new 1st floor ceiling plasterboard to the underside of the new loft floor joists that will be installed. If I can, then its happy days as there will just be enough head height created in the loft.

However I read somewhere that regs say the loft floor, and 1st floor ceilings arent allowed to touch, and therefore assume I need to allow space for a separate 1st floor ceiling. This seems a crazy waste of time and money, but worse still that 10mm means I havent quite the 2m headroom required in the loft.

Can anyone advise what the situation is, and if true is there a neat way round it e.g. some sort of narrow isolating fixing that means I can suspend the plasterboard rom the joists?


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Hi, I agree with what you're saying regards putting in the new joists lower to gain headroom in the loft. The only problem i see is that the current ceiling joists are possibly bracing the roof to prevent spread.

The usual way of converting a loft involves upgrading the joists, then fixing them to the roof plate and rafters.

Your best option with anything like this is to involve a structural engineer/architect, there jobs are to give you the best option and help you make the most of what you have.

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Answered 3rd Jan 2014

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