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Soundproofing bay window (already have double glazing)

I live on a busy trunk road and want to soundproof (or reduce sound levels rather) for the front bedroom. Currently there is a double glazed bay window. There is plenty of room behing because of the bay to install either another window or even french doors as the bay sticks out. What is the best solution? I keep hearing secondary glazing with a different thickness laminated but how would it work if i already have double glazing? There is room for a whole further unit with a good size air gap. Any other ideas???

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Go for the secondary glazing it is the best way of sound proofing the bay unless you change the sealed units for new acoustic glass ones.
The seconded would be cheaper and can look very good.
The laminated you need in them is 6.8 acoustic glass. People will try to sell you 6.4 laminated but it is not a good. See the Pilkington’s web site for more information.

Good luck
Steve Miller


Answered 11th Jan 2014

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