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My light fitting no longer works

Hi i put new light fittings in my dining room & kitchen, The kitchen one was installed about a week to 10 days before i done the dining room one but now they don't work i followed the re-wiring to the exact same as the old fitting, I spotted the kitchen one flicker then all 3 bulbs went off at exactly the same time but then came back on after about 10 seconds, Later that day it went off again & hasn't worked since, I put the old light fittings back in the to both the kitchen & dining room but still nothing my other lights downstairs all work fine, Also when the lights stopped working the light fittings never tripped the main switch at all and i am completley puzzled as to why its happened

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you have a bad conection. cant really begin to tell you where because I would not know what you have disturbed (a bad conection will work the same as a light swith i.e on or offand will not trip out at the consumer unit) conection problem could be live or neutral just need to track it down but only if you are competant and know how. None of the above would be a replacement for normal testing procedures.


Answered 1st Jul 2011

check all connections are terminated properly sounds like you may have some loose wires somewhere. check that all neutrals and lives are correct and do these checks with the power isolated but if your in any doubt get a qualified competent person to check it out for you.


Answered 3rd Jul 2011

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