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Solution to paint windows made of poor quality wood?

I just bought a house and have wooden sash windows with 2 large Georgian bay window boxes.

Just discovered from the neighbours that everything needs painting every 3 years. Ours was last done 3.5 years ago and rot is setting in everywhere.

I can just about live with painting the windows every 3 years. The bay windows, I cannot as it would be too expensive.

Am looking into getting the bay windows cladded, a builder today told me that the cladding will be OK but sealant will go and the wood will rot underneath in time.

He was saying he'll treat all wood, then use superdecking and it will last at least 8 years on everything.

Can anyone advise please? UPVC are not an option

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Your builder is on about using this product - which as he says can last 8 years, but it's all down to the preparation. I think your neighbours need to find a new decorator, it should be lasting between 6-8 years if done correctly. All rotten wood needs to be removed, remaining frame treated and a resin based timber repair system like Repaircare should be used to ensure longetivity. 2 part wood fillers will not last the distance particularly on S / SW facing sides where the brunt of the weather will hit.

Other paint brands worth looking at are Bedec or Sikkens both designed for longevity and hard weather conditions.


Answered 29th Dec 2013

First, 2 coat primer staining should then be exterior rain proof gloss 2-coat then it will be good for a long time


Answered 13th Mar 2019

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