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Hi, is there any painter and decorators in richmond, north yorkshire area willing to take on an apprentice in sept,

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The painting & decorating industry is dead!!
Do yourself a big big favour & do another trade
Everything is plastic these days,
Ive been in the painting trade now for 33 years & i am always out of work especially in the winter months.
Please take my advice.


Answered 12th Jul 2011

I agree with A J D . It is not as good as it used to be , we should get paid a lot more than we do but everybody wants it cheap but they also want a top class job doing.If i was a kid i would give this trade a miss .


Answered 12th Jul 2011

deffo think long & hard about your trade, find something that u do as little as possible for the fattest pay cheque. But if u really want to be a painter go for it.


Answered 5th Aug 2011

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