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Induction hob at 7.2kw (30a) - what rewiring will be required?

Hi, I am looking to replace my current electric hotplate-style hob with an induction hob. The new induction hob is at 7.2kW which I understand to be 30A (given voltage of 240V). My hob runs on its own power supply, whose circuit breaker is rated at 16A. What kind of rewiring, if any, will this involve (e.g. just the wire for the hob or through the whole flat) and what range of prices should I expect? I live in a purpose-built apartment block built in early 2000's, if this helps.
Would like to have an idea of this before committing to buying the hob. Many thanks in advance!

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The item you describe using standard diversification barely squeezes in to your 16A supply(16.3) if there is no plug socket on the same supply but for an induction hob I would always follow the manufacturers installation requirements as these over-ride other formats that we work to.
These are usually available on line with the manufacturer.
After this uprating your supply would require a site visit to check what would be required to upgrade. If you are really lucky you may already have a 6mm cable supplying your hob which could be uprated to 32A but should be RCD protected as the circuit at this point is being altered, this should always be recommended anyway.

NOTE: If a 4mm T+E cable run is plastered over then the max rating for the cable is 26A which would actually mean a 20A MCB.

6mm T+E cable run plastered over has a max rating of 34A which actually means a 32A MCB.


Answered 31st Dec 2013

Depending on the distance from the hob to the main fusebox and the route the cable takes it could be anywhere from £95 to £300 depending on what flooring needs lifting, what cabinets need taking out, and what walls need chasing/plastering etc.

There are induction hobs on the market with lower Kw ratings that would be a direct replacement for your existing hob without any need for costly alterations to the wiring and damage to the décor.


Answered 28th Dec 2013

Can you tell me the distance from the fuseboard to the hob as i will need this to calculate?


Answered 28th Dec 2013

You would need to check the size of the existing cable which runs from the consumer unit to the hob isolator - minimum size required on a 32a breaker is 4.0mm twin & earth.


Answered 28th Dec 2013

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