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Made an offer for a house but as it has an extension(built before 1999) with no paperwork , would like to have it verified to know what to expect.any of the building companies do valuations as well?

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If you have a good survay done then that will be the start of your paperwork trail, Then find a sevayour/struct Eng to inspect it along with your Builder of choice!!
All the advice etc from them will form the paperwork schedual from there on.
If you intend to improve the property/extention then this will be compleated to the current Building Regulations/Planning permissions requiered, this will be signed off by the local Building Officer and "hay presto" you have a Verified property with a new History.

regards Ashley Officer
on behalf of "ABACUS DESIGN and BUILDING"


Answered 22nd Feb 2011

You could get an architect to submit the structure to the planning office as they have a procedure to approve extensions that were built without planning. The fact it was 12 years ago & not built by you should help to get approval. You could try to submit the application yourself but an architect would be better placed to know how to get it approved with less problems & draw any plans as needed.

If the extension was built to the standards applicable to late 1990's it should be ok.


Graham Higgs
Graham Higgs Home Improvements


Answered 22nd Feb 2011

hi,, call your local council and ask about retrospective planning permission,, this is done when you have built it then want permission this might help ,,, good luck


Answered 23rd Feb 2011

A good local builder would probobly give guidance as to wether it complies with building regs, Surveyoys or Structual Engineers are bound to find fault to justify their costs. Building regs have changed some much over the years it is difficult to say without seeing it.

With regard to planning, you could apply in retrospect considering it had been there for a while, or under permitted development if it is within a certain size.

If simialr properties have extensions then no problem, if it is in a listed or conservation area it may be a bit more difficult.

You may also be able to upgrade the existing shell, with insulation being the most important issue today, if done properly any extra space should add value of around £1000 per M2 depending on the area you live.


Answered 23rd Feb 2011

be very careful. ifit was built before 99 then it doesnt need planning, but will be concidered lawful (unless the council have ordered it to be knocked down). the real worrie is the quility of the build if it was not inspected then you dont even know if it has foundations. the only thing you can be sure if their are any problems they will be covered over (and no survey is going to dig holes or remove plaster). if the council have given it regulisation it only means that its still standing up. And it only has to comply to 10 year old regs.


Answered 25th Mar 2011

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