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Engineered oak windows v traditional solid oak

We have a grade II farmhouse. We have had quotes for both types of windows which come out generally the same.

Does anyone know more about engineered windows - advantages, construction website etc. I would assume its some kind of vineer? My architect is keen for the longevity and the lack of warping etc. But I am struggling to find out proper facts of this over solid european oak casement windows. These windows will be chuncky and pretty plain in design.

This is our life home so not looking at cheap windows, they have to be perfect in every way. Can anyone help me with strong facts on these. Thanks

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yes you are right engineered oak generally is oak veneered timber. Traditional construction of oak doors/windows well maintained can last hundreds of years
in general use. I cant see engineered oak having the same longevity. Manufacturers have claims it lasts but lets look again in a hundred years or so.


Answered 29th Jun 2011

Engeneered Oak is basically laminated timber. Layers glued together at the manufacturers bonded with waterproof and weather resistant glue.It is bonded together under heat and pressure so is much less likely to be effected by changes in humidity etc...
Simular to Glulam beams to simplify it. Engineered Oak is mainly used with floor finishing due to it strength properties being twice that of standard timber. Which reduces warping like you say. Usually engineered with a plywood centre or fibress material. Structural properties are ideal for curved structural work, although in your case not such a priority for just window fitments.
Personally i would opt for engineered for internal finishes such as flooring, architraves, skirting etc etc. However, not commonly used in manufacture of windows such as bespoke on a GradeII listed property like yours, i would check with the heritage that they are happy for it to be used, generally its a like for like basis, in other words if you have removed solid oak windows, they will certainly require solid to be reinstated with matching profiles and details.
I usually work along the lines of, the proof is in the pudding. I work a lot on period properties, and have have seen for myself the longevity of solid Oak windows, such as a recent 400 year old property with original windows still in place. Can you say the same for engineered Oak? time will tell.....


Answered 29th Jun 2011

You are correct in that the engineered timber is laminated together like a sheet of ply is,it is basic off cuts of timber which is jointed together with glue and pressure applied,
Having previous experiance with both types of timber,i found on a personal level that the engineered timbers flaw were the way it was joint together,the true colour of the wood had various shades and looked a bit unmatched,were as oak may not be as cheap but you will see consistant grain and pattern,hope that helps?

Good luck,


Answered 29th Jun 2011

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