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We have a leaking asbestos roof on our garage, can it be safely repaired, and is this a specialist job?

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now is the time to have it removed although most roofs are white low graded asbestos it is still against health and safety guidelines to work on them or repair best remove and install new


Answered 28th Jun 2011

I would have it removed by a licensed asbestos removal co, to be on the safe side, its not a nice material health wise or to look at.
Repairing it could be an ongoing job, if I were to recomend any repair works, then clean of the roof, use crawler boards, and wear good quality face mask, respirator, when its nice and dry give it a couple of coats of Acropol.
Failing that fit a new roof with 18mm decking and an epdm rubber roof.


Answered 29th Jun 2011

No repair should be undertaken with asbestos.
Removal of this material should only be carried out by licenced operatives.
Usually replaced with cement fibre board. But still has a partial asbestos content.
There are companies out there that specialise in these works. But not cheap.


Answered 29th Jun 2011

you are not allowed to repair asbestos, and yes you need a licenced asbestos remover to dispose of the material even although as substrucre tells you above it will probably be low grade white asbestos, but any good roofer will have one they have used ,then you choose what you want to replace it with

post the job on the site get a few roofers round pick one job done


Answered 29th Jun 2011

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