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Should loft insulation be pushed up to the eaves?

I had loft insulation done and it is has caused terrible condensation in the loft which has led to damp in the bedrooms. Could somebody tell me if the insulation should be pushed right up to the eaves in the loft please?

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Hi Siobahn,

You need ventilation in the attic, a good crossflow of air will keep the attic space dry.

If you have a wall/ceiling/roof construction whereby you need to insulate the ceiling up to the roof membrane then you have to install rafter vents to allow air to continue to flow. We have seen this many times as free insulation is being fitted by untrained unskilled fitters


Answered 13th Dec 2013

I have to agree with Hulsea Ltd and further to their answer, if your insulation is pushed right into the eaves and blocking any soffit ventilation this will also add to your problems, roofs are meant to breathe, buildings are meant to breathe and people block vents that are designed to allow air flow and stop condensation and damp occuring.
The reason people do this is to stop air leakage and save on expensive heating costs, cold air penetrating into the building can cause discomfort, it creates an area that becomes uncomfortable, it makes heating properties expensive and difficult, but buildings do need to breathe.


Answered 24th Jan 2014

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