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Is it necessary / cost effective to take down a lathe and plaster ceiling to rewire a flat?

my electrician has told me to take down the ceilings in my flat to be able to rewire. I have had the ceilings taken down - lathe and plaster, but am having second thought as to if this was the best thing to do. His thinking was that the ceiling wall paper needed stripping anyway (bubble stuff) and so it was more efficient to take down the ceiling and re-board and plaster.

Was this the most cost effective thing to do?


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It has made his job easier, thats for certain. Its made his job alot quicker so this should reflect on his quote / price! But...

... You may not be able to rewire the flat if the floor above is concrete! then it is by far easier to take the ceiling down.


Answered 27th Jun 2011

If there was no access from above and you have solid floors below then probably yes. If it's just for the lighting cables then it could probably have been done with damage to the ceilings but without taking them down. However, I fear you should have posted the question before the ceilings came down!



Answered 27th Jun 2011

no i thing it was the wrong choice you should take an estimate for all the job before you put it down.he just wanted to make it easy for him self


Answered 27th Jun 2011

Well I would overboard yur ceilings with plasterboard and skim as taking down lathe and plaster ceilings is very very messy. I'd also tell your electrician to rewire by taking up the floor boards where necessary instead



Answered 27th Jun 2011

Not the cheapest alternative. The electrician could have just cut small holes and fed his rods to pull cables.
However if your ceiling have cracked and dropped like most old ceilings do especially lathe & plaster, replacement is the best route. Some would say over tack as a cheap alternative, but then your fixing blind!! and many ceilings contain electric cables and pipework. Seen it happen before. With even more costly out lay. Then you could end up replacing the ceiling anyway and having to put right pipework and cabling.
But yes, your electricians a lazy git!


Answered 30th Jun 2011

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