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Artex on ceiling

I intend to convert the loft of the house I just bought sometime in the near future. Presently there is artex on the ceiling where an opening will possibly be made for the staircase leading into the proposed loft conversion.

I am planing to have it skimmed over but what would that mean when an opening needs to be made in future around the area?

I would appreciate advice on what to do now as the refurbishment has not started yet.


Thank you so much for the quick responses. Would it make sense to remove the artex around this area as it is only in the hallway ceiling. I was thinking more of the possibility or artex dust than how to do it. I will be (someone is) decorating the whole house now but won't be doing the loft until 18 to 24 months later.

Thanks again.

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I would say in the future when you need to create the opening just lift a few boards above and work out your exact opening needed,then cut through the ceiling from above and if your careful you should`nt have much making good.
Have a person underneath to support the section you are cutting out otherwise you will loose more area than needed.

If you can cut from above then find the area to cut out and using a straight edge score it with a sharp stanley blade or similar to stop the plaster cracking,then making sure there are no cables/pipes approach with a good saw and cut it out from below.
I imagine you will need to loose one joist in the middle of the area you are taking out so just be careful and dont forget to support the joist that will be left hanging and trim up as necessary.

Good Luck.
Scott Cannon.

If the artex is shallow i would`nt worry to much but just make sure its PVA`d before plastering.
But if the Artex is thick and maybe over 4 or 6mm i would try to take some of the depth out of it as you will need to put alot more finish on the ceiling!
Better still if its not a big area,drop the ceiling and re-board and skim! It will be a little messy but totally flat.

Good Luck.


Answered 27th Jun 2011

Hi. My advice is to dont skimm the ceiling if you planing to convert the loft above.
Its doesnt make any sense. Do it after.
Technically its not difficult. You have to scratch artex as much as possible, (all if possible) and prepare ceiling for plastering.
making opening for the staircase means, you need to cut ceiling joists to create opening where the staitrcase going to be fix.
This kind of job will damage your ceiling a bit around so wait with skimming till loft is done.
Hope i help u.



Answered 26th Jun 2011

wont make any difference ,when you make an opening for staircase there is making good either way ,skim now ,when you come to open it will just be making good around opening


Answered 26th Jun 2011

If you doing a loft conversion in the near future I would wait, as there's a chance the ceilings may crack durning the conversion i,e placing in new floor timbers and steels.


Answered 26th Jun 2011

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