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Do flat plate light switches always stick out a bit from the wall?

My builder / electrician is telling me that the flat plate light switches we have bought (and he is installing) always stick out a bit from the wall (i.e. are not completely flush). Is this the case? These are the flat plate switches with no edging so completely flat.

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Flat plate switches and socket fronts should fit flush to the wall, there will obviously be some sort of a profile that will be present but not that much. I can't see how you would get them to fit completely flush,
unless it is a new installation where the plastering hasn't been completed and you got your plasterer to set a depth back around the accessory to allow for this.


Answered 29th Nov 2013

Unless the walls are perfectly flat around the switches (most walls aren't) and the metal back boxes are deep enough to accommodate the switch properly, they will never be a good fit and will sit awkwardly with one or more edges sitting slightly proud.

When you see these low profile flat plate switches in the shops they are always mounted on nice flat pieces of wood or plastic so look great. Once fitted in the home, the reality is somewhat different!


Answered 29th Nov 2013

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