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The house is a typical 3 bed semi from 1920-1930 era. At present there is a back boiler with gas fire supplying the heating and a separate immersion as back-uphot water system.

I have a small but big problem as the spark generator on the gas fire has packed up and its an old Glowworm Galaxy fire that parts are no longer available for. Now I have a back boiler without any fire. There are tenants in the house as its rented out. (The gas fire works fine on its own but can igniate the back boiler.) Have a gas safe certificate for it - old but gold right now.

I cant afford a whole new central heating system as funds are tight and was wondering if anyone on here would know how, where, or what to do to get the back boiler working again until a year or two then I can have the whole lot replaced when its more financially viable.

Please dont tell me I can have a new system for £3000 I havent got it to pay.

Thanks a lot

3 Answers from MyBuilder Gas Engineers

A web search for spares for your fire will show that the igniter, electrode and various other parts are still available. Perhaps your GasSafe engineer thought there were other problems with the appliance.
As much as it hurts me to recommend British Gas they do have a "Flexible Heating Improvement Plan" which will allow you to pay for the install over 10 years if necessary. If you're a landlord then you should also be considering your duty of care to the tenant.


Answered 27th Jun 2011

Hi Googley
Its difficult to repair old Back boiler units especially old glowworms the parts have been obsolite for a number of years now,In the long run better and safer for tenants to have a combi boier upgrade and flush out shoulnt cost more than £1500
we do hundreds of them.

Many thanks Ian Houghton


Answered 27th Jun 2011

Hi, get another gas safe engineer as you can always engineer a spark generator is not a safety device and would come at a small price compared to a system changeover.. a good quality engineer will fix this problem for you. Lee Our Plumber (East Yorkshire)


Answered 17th Jul 2011

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