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Mortar mix for pointing

I am going to start repointing the rear of my house built about 1900 in the Newcastle area.
I`m told lime mortar should be used so as not to damage the brick, but what should the ratio of the mx be, & should cement be used in the mix

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lime mortasr come ready mixed from suppliers and no cement should be added to lime mortar, lime mortar can be dangerous as well on health and safety grounds if you are not used to applying it wear all PPE required


Answered 25th Jun 2011

Your best of to get some ready mix lime mortar, colour to suit.
Comes in tubs, try Trad-Lime.


Answered 25th Jun 2011

4 sand + 1 lime + 1 cement = Job done.

There are a few varied mixes,have a look at:
Lime Mortars and Renders.


Answered 26th Jun 2011

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