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Advice on cleaning and repairing small patches of stonework

I have some stonework at the front of the house which is in need of filling and some of it is discoloured. I'd like to do this myself as it's not a lot that needs doing. Can anyone suggest the correct materials and methods? I've tried B&Q for stone repair products, but they don't stock anything suitable.

The stone is sandstone / Bath stone - I'm not sure if there's a difference?

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The correct material for stone repair work is Litho-Mix, you can also purchase the dye powder, with some practice you should be able to get an exact match.
You wont find these materials in diy sheds or builders merchants, I dont know what area you are in, but I use a company called Trad-Lime.
You could google it, to see if there are stockist near you, but I am sure they deliver.
If they are near you, a Rep would come out and take sample to colour match it for you.


Answered 25th Jun 2011

HI there .In response to this situation i would preferably use ,maybe reclaimed stone [either from a salvage or stone merchant],infact i have some difrent coloured stone lying around ,which might be a suitible match for the job your doing. The thing is ,you dont want to start using mortar repairs on an older rustic dwelling such as yours ,as you are never going to get the proper colour and texture you would be expecting. Also mortar repairs are a cheap and convenient option ,but it is a porous product which will mostly just hold water ,then you have winter weather ,[freezing and icy ],conditions ,and when the water turns to ice it just expands ,and you get cracking and damp cuming through to the interior of the property.I would always go for the natural stone repair,which might even be a cheaper option ,if you can get some ,[used reclaimed stone]. Natural stone repairs will always put more value on your property ,rather than a cheap and nasty ,P R, [ plastic repair ,mortar repair]. Im just an old school mason ,third generation mason [my grandfather father brother and myself wer and are all masons to trade ]. I HOPE IV GIVEN YOU A BETTER INSIGHT INTO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO .


Answered 1st Nov 2011

Litho-mix is a good stone repair filler, I prefer to cut and splice similar stone, but it depends how good you are with a chisel.
Bath Stone is very soft and can be carved with a wood chisel.
rubbed in with a second cut file or carborundum stone.
The stone should be possible to source locally, It didn't tend to travel very far!


Answered 12th Sep 2011

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