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What grade of stainless steel chimney liner is most suitable for a multifuel log burner fire .

existing brick chimney has no liner and is stepped by 0.5 metre it is through middle of bungalow and is for a double sided log burnwer fire.

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For the amount of time you will probably have your burner on through out the year go for the 316, because if you read into the guarantee its not worth the paper its written on.
I have been fitting liners for twenty years and never had one weve fitted fail.
Cheers Kev


Answered 1st Jul 2011

As above really, 904/904 is the best quality and gives you the longest warranty period, we supply a 25yr warranty with ours. Also 316 isn't really designed for use with smokeless fuels so if you wanted to burn anything that produces anthracite you would really need 904 anyway.


Answered 29th Jun 2011

You need a minimum 150mm diamaeter, and grade 316/316
You can upgrade to 316/904 or the best is 904/904 nearly twice the cost but with 20yr gaurantee as apposed to 10yr.
This will be a twin wall stainless steel flexi liner.
The grades are relevant to each wall thickness.


Answered 25th Jun 2011

ther are two grades of liner 904 at £62 per m and 316 at £34 per m you would need at least 150mm size pipe


Answered 25th Jun 2011

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