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My builder will only give me a receipt for some items!

I had work carried out on my house new kitchen and bathroom and decorating throughout. He quoted verbally an amount and he was on loud speaker so I had proof of what he said. I checked with him at this time if it included VAT and everything else materials labour etc, yes he said.

Three weeks later I was still waiting for a detailed quote, he turned up at my house before I received it saying that he was sorry that he hadn't added SOME VAT on some materials. I was ok with this and the next day I did receive my quote.

Basically when I times the original quote by 20%, it was the second amount he gave me, so as far as I was concerned he just forgot to add all the VAT and that was totally fine.

After the job was completed I asked him for the final balance (do to some extras) and that was fine too, but when he said we agreed to a cash job I thought what do you mean? I asked him and he said cash as in cash and I asked for a vat receipt but he seems to be now saying he would have to add vat on!

I have since sent him a text stating that I'm not happy and did not agree to a vat less job and require a receipt. I have asked him to provide me with receipts for all materials including vat he has paid... I'm still waiting.

All I want to do is pay my bill and receive a VAT receipt but he is under the impression the job was cheap and if I was a vat receipt he would have to add more to it.

What can I do? I have a quote stating how much and that this would be all I would pay and it includes vat on some materials to him (his words) and now I'm being told it has to be a cash job that I never agreed to and won't.


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The builder must be VAT registered if he wants to add VAT to his invoice and it should be shown as a separate figure i.e. 100 plus vat total 120. If he is not VAT registered, then he can show on invoice as quoted ie 100 or 120, but vat will not be shown.
He will need all his receipts to balance with invoice but should be able to provide copies to justify his costs payment can be made as agreed. I would personally recommend check or electronic transfer as proof of payment.


Answered 25th Nov 2013

Threaten to report him to the vat man, if he's frauding the vat, it is a criminal offence and is taken very very seriously. He will definitely go to prison and be fined after he is investigated, waste of space, people like that need removing from the work environment.
This said as the previous answer - online bank transfers are the way forward, I get all my work paid like this, it is instant or up to 2 hrs, proof of your payment and proof for my accounts, this stops the contractor and the client from causing any problems such as yours or declined checks.


Answered 7th Dec 2013

There is another possibility in this scenario. Like most builders, your builder would have received his prices from his suppliers excluding VAT. If he then quoted these prices to you, he would have indeed not added the VAT. On discovering his mistake, he informs you that the VAT needs to be added, if he is not VAT registered he won't be able to claim this VAT amount back and will not be able to give you a VAT invoice. Did he add VAT to his labour cost? This would be the key, if he has then he must be VAT registered, if he hasn't then he's not. If he's simply added 20% to the total bill, then yes I'd agree he's at the madam, report him!!


Answered 14th Dec 2013

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