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Electric cooker - can i fit a 13a switch fuse in place of my cooker outlet plate

My question is......
I have a built in electric oven to install in my kitchen, I have a dedicated oven circuit running off a 6mm t/e to the switch and down to a cooker outlet plate ( which is fine )
Because my new oven runs off a 13a plug and there is no socket in close proximity, can I fit a 13a switch fuse in place of my cooker outlet plate?
Meaning the cooker will be fused by the switch fuse?
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Electrical Safety Services has got this bang on...why are other electrical companies not warning you about this legal requirement?...If you do it yourself and get caught, you will be liable for a £5,000 fine...and as for suggesting you need to de-rate the MCB...ouch

If the oven comes with a plug top i.e. you are sure of the power requirements, I would do as others suggest... but be careful...most ovens are of European origin and the flying leads are to suit their sockets which are 16A


Answered 20th Nov 2013

Yes you can change the cooker connection unit (outlet plate) to a single socket so that you can plug in your new oven.


Answered 20th Nov 2013

Yes this is perfectly fine to do, double pole cooker switches sometimes come with their own 13 a socket outlet on the actual switch itself. I would fit a single unswitched socket outlet then put a plug top on the flex from the appliance.


Answered 20th Nov 2013

Part P changes came into effect 6th April 2013 -

There is no need to drop the rating of the MCB!

Even if it was notifiable, you can get it inspected by an electrician who can carry out 3rd party testing.


Answered 22nd Nov 2013

Yes if you down rate the fuse or mcb to 16 amp you can fit a 13 amp socket
Requires a fully qualified electrician to carry out this work


Answered 20th Nov 2013

Yes this is possible. You need to register your intent to carry out DIY electrical work in the home with your local authority and pay the appropriate fee so that you can get the part P building regulation consent for the works, as all electrical work in the kitchen is part P notifiable.


Answered 20th Nov 2013

First thing here is yes it can be done no problem as long as the wattage is below 3000 regardless of plug fitted or not (yes I have seen some with plugs that stated 3200w which is over 13a
Second thing as the oven has its own fused sealed plug then no the breaker in the board don’t need down grading as the incoming supply to the socket is 6mm
Third thing is that you are not allowed to do it your self without issuing a minor works cert
Forth thing is it would take a proper spark about half hour to change and test the circuit for safety so why take the risk for what 50-60 pound at most


Answered 13th Feb 2019

Yes it can be changed as long as you are qualified or competent to do such work in terms of load and power rating is completely fine


Answered 26th Oct 2018

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