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i have a problem with damp stains reappearing on my bathroom ceiling and wall.

Sometime time ago I had water damage to my bathroom due to a problem with my neighbour's shower. He assured me the leak was repaired so I had the bathroom decorated a few months ago. Everything seemed fine until a few days ago when brown stains re-appeared on the ceiling and wall and I'm assuming it's old damage and not a new leak. The ceiling is stippled or artexed which adds to the problem. Would be grateful for any advice what my next step should be. Am unable to carry out any work my self due to age and disability so would need to employ someone.

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If your sure that the leak has been resolved, whoever did the decorating did they use a stain block before painting, as you can put as many coats of emulsion on as you like but the water stain will keep coming through.
Treat the areas, and beyond with stain block or oil based paint, couple of coats, when its all dry emulsion over.

Answered 24th Jun 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

Hello if the leak has been fixed and dried out then the ceiling needs to be painted with 1 or 2 coats of stain block first to prevent the water stain from bleeding through the finished surface.You can then put a couple of coats of a good quality paint suitable for bathrooms on top of this .You can post a job on this website to get some quotes for the work you require from local decorators.Hope this helps,Thanks Justin

Answered 24th Jun 2011

jp kernick

Member since 6 Jan 2010

The reason that you have stain on wall and ceiling is that the water left a iron residuw and when painted with water baced paint the stain reapears . If you put two coats of varnish over the stains leaving 24hrs betwean coats.Let it dry for 24hrs then repaint that should stop stain reapearing.

Answered 24th Jun 2011

whapshott generalhousemaintenance

Member since 3 Jan 2010

Either use a Stain Block from any DIY store,or Gloss the stain,undercoat the Gloss and emulsion as you would...Richard

Answered 25th Jun 2011

coastal ceilings&walls

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hello. Like is fixed, but moisture can still "seat" in the walls and ceiling especially if there is some insulation between you and neighbours level.
Solution for some time is to get humidifier to take wet from the room and paint area with the stain block paint.
Proper solution is to take off plasterboards/plaster/render whatever and fix new surface. You can bull your neighbour if thats never happened before.
Try to charge it from his insurance.

Best Regards and good luck

Answered 24th Jun 2011

Abbott & Costello Interiors

Member since 6 Sep 2010

I would tell your neighbour and ask him/her to have the pipe work looked at just to be safe.Three months on and all of a sudden you have brown stains on the wall and ceiling sounds a bit strange,unless the decorator just emulsioned over the stains and theyre still bleeding through!
Was the whole area re_boarded or just re-painted?

Good luck.

Answered 24th Jun 2011

Cannon Preservation Ltd

Member since 21 May 2011

Try a few coats of oil based undercoat on the stains and then repaint the ceiling and wall in emulsion. Usually does the trick.

Answered 24th Jun 2011

Fairfield Handyman Services

Member since 21 Nov 2010

First ask if you can check the shower unit with your neighbour, look for any defective mastic around the shower base or anywhere water can leak through. If all seems good , use a stain block on the stains and repaint. It does sound to me that theres a leak in the shower, hope this helps.

Answered 24th Jun 2011

Taylor Lewis Decorating

Member since 23 Jun 2011

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