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How to rip out a bath and install a walk in shower panel.

Im looking for any tips on how to convert a council flat bathroom into a non bathtub shower room with shower panel and tray with the walls and floor tiled.

Do I need to do anything special? Should I tile first then install shower tray, panel and actual shower or the other way round.

I have no idea my plan was to tile the whole room walls and floor then install the shower tray followed by the shower glass panel and finally the shower.

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tile first


Answered 23rd Jun 2011

Hi Zeezee,

I highly recommend 1st fix first. This includes


Get the waste in first too.

2.) Hot and cold 'feeds' (AKA Pipes)
These should be 15mm upto the taps, wc or shower.

Tip: Put an Isolation valve on each feed so you can access the stopping of the water easier.

3.)Carpentry (Floor preparation)
18mm (or upwards)Marine ply should be used in a bathroom to barrier moisture.

4.)I would tile the floor first to seal the room. BUT, cover over when tiling the walls.

5.) 2-3 days for drying then seal the room with silicon.

6.)Put your furniture in : Shower , WC and basin. ( some people prefer to install these item before tiling. However the choice is yours.

7.) Every bath or shower needs good ventilation and all electrics will need an external isolation switch.

This is the basics for a good shower/bath room.

Kind regards



Answered 28th Jun 2011

First thing 1st fix plumbing, waste (test for leaks), water feed, and Electrics if using electric shower. Then depending on the floor being level then fit the tray.
Pva the walls then Tile walls, fit shower glass panels, then seal up.
Then 2nd fix plumbing and electric shower and test.
Check flooring is well fixed down if T G floor boards screw down ply board and dont forget to pva ply then tile the floor. Job done.

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Answered 23rd Jun 2011

Do not tile first!! depending on what shower tray you are getting it could come with upstands that need to go under the tiles, the shower tray should go in first and be true and level, it can then be sealed between the tray and wall. The tiler then will be able to tile from this level then sealed again ensuring no leaks. Also you will need to make sure the wall are square, if not then this will in-turn throw the shower tray out and then the framework for the screen and doors.


Answered 23rd Jun 2011

The tray should definately be fitted first and then tiled, ensuring the Tray is sealed to the walls for added waterproofing, then sealed again after tiling.
Avoid using any plywood to overboard the existing floor boards, use a tile backer board( Hardie) , this will give you a far superior surface to tile to and If fitted correctly is much more water proof than ply. It will also ensure the grout on the floor tiles won't crack over time.


Answered 4th Jun 2019

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