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Changing a ceiling pendent

I have a standard ceiling pendant, but the previous owners have trimmer the cable so that im now left with about 1/2 inch of cable before the ceiling rose. Which is silly looking and impossible to hang a shade.

Am i right in thinking if i buy a new pendent and ceiling rose, i can remove the old old and connect a new one with a longer cable? So is there a connection from the ceiling rose through the ceiling to the mains and from the ceiling rose downwards? I was thinking that the cable i saw eventually went to the mains the other end, i.e. there was no connectors/ break. But having looked at a new pendent online i think i might have been a little wet behind the ears.

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The ceiling rose will have wires terminated within it. If you unscrew the plastic cover (with the mains switched off) you will see this. If all is well within the connector and you are happy with how the current rose looks you could simply fit the new pendant wire without replacing the ceiling connections if that makes sense. So you would not need to unwire and dismantle the rose you could just wire in a new longer pendant to the rose fitting.

It is quite a simple job but make sure all the power is off and if you have any doubts get an electrician in.

But to confirm the pendant wire you see does not run directly in one run to your fuse board. It will terminate in the rose and at various other light fittings and switches along the radial circuit.

Happy to help further if needed. If you have doubts about the general condition of the electrics or have recently purchased the property I would suggest you look at period inspection and testing of the property.



Answered 23rd Jun 2011

hi mark,
I understand that the cable from your ceiling pendant to the rose-(where you insert the bulb) is too short. This issue is easily addressed. I would recommend buying a new pendant and to just replace the cable from the ceiling connection points to the rose, there should be no reason to replace the actual connection point which is attached to the ceiling, unless there is a design difference which prevents the cable from the new pendant from being used with the existing base.

However, without checking the installation i cannot ensure the work you'll be carrying out is safe. This is for several reasons. They are as follows; the condition of the cables may be poor, the installation may be incorrect, the cable may not be the correct size/type and there may be an electrical fault on the cables. Also, isolating the supply of the cables may be an issue. On the other hand, if all these issues are checked, the light will work perfectly fine.

Kind Regards,

Mr Electric Bham North


Answered 23rd Jun 2011

yes you can just replace it, the cables conect to the base plate the normal lenth of the pendant cable is 6''.


Answered 23rd Jun 2011

Hi Mark.

I had to read that a few times but I think I now understand what you mean. :-)

If you simply buy a new 6” pendant you can remove the new cable with the rose at the bottom, and use it on your old fitting. You may find that you will need to also use the old white plastic ring as the new one may not fit the old base. (Not all the same thread and size)

Two connections required into your pendant. Blue to Neutral and Brown to Live (NOT LOOP).

This will save you removing the old pendant and getting confused with wiring problems etc.

Just ensure that safe isolation has been carried out. Even with the switch off, Loop will still be live so please take care!

Hope this answers your question.




Answered 23rd Jun 2011

Hi Mark.

Its hard to say without images or seeing the ceiling rose.

Normally a ceiling rose is wired directly to the mains. All ceiling roses should be connected via a loop in loop out system and then have switch wires coming from them. Having said that I inspect and test for a major house builder and I know the Electrical contractors wire the switches to the mains and then the ceiling roses from them.

In any case I would use connection blocks to attack new cable to the existing ones left to act as an extension. If an old property RED is live, BLACK is neutral and Earth could be green, green and yellow, white or unsheathed.

Once you have connected the cables together to make an extension then use insolation tape to surround the connector blocks. Also remember to sheath the earth cable. The connection blocks should be buried back above the ceiling and accessible when an inspection is required. Take care when doing this.

This should give you more room to play with on your new installtion.


Daniel Bailey
DB Electrical NW


Answered 23rd Jun 2011

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