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Is my chimney not supported properley?

We have just discovered that the previous owner of our house took the chimney breast out of the back bedroom and dining room without supporting the chimney. A builder has advised I will need a structural engineer and part of it will need to be taken down and the other side pinned. Would I have any come back to my origional surveyor.

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hi,tony here above answers all good .but it may be cheaper just to get the rest of the chimmeny taken down.if this is possibility.hope this helps.what ever you do check with building control.or go to planning portal online.


Answered 27th Jun 2011

Hi probably not, if you only had a standard survey done, but you would be better of contacting a solicitor about this. As remedial works for this could run in to thousands.
I did a job like this last year, the client did not follow it up and the job ended up costing over £5000. With building control and engineers costs. Pinning may not be an option, as building control mostly requires steel beams putting in now as gallows brackets are frowned upon.


Answered 23rd Jun 2011

Any work like this is structural and comes under building control, you builder is right, you need a S/E to design steels to carry whats left above, building control will need to inspect when all done, as they issue the completion certificate, which obviously the previous owner didnt do.
No one should be carrying out these works without the proper advice.
Depending on what type of survey you had, would depend on any come back.
I would suggest getting the work done sooner, rather than later.


Answered 23rd Jun 2011

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