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QuestionDIY Conservatory? is it cheaper to have one full brick wall ?

planning on doing a diy conservatory and wondered if option with one wall completey brick is a cheaper option? or would it be better with dwarf walls on 3 sides? conservatory size 3mtr wide x 4 mtr depth

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Hi, a conservatory is classed as a temporary building which is why it falls under permitted development in England. However to fall under this there a regulations. If your property is detached then you can have a deprh of 4 m if semi or terrace then the max depth is 3 m. Also each wall and roof of the conservatory must be 60 percent glass. Before you under go this Google your local councils planning portal all is explained there. After all you do not want to have it ripped down once finished.

Many thanks
Major glass and glazing

Major Glass and Glazing 22nd Jun, 2011

after building many conservatories i would say brick wall is dearer and the fixing of roof to brickwork possible a problem the levels sometimes present a problem but a brick wall hides next door,approx cost difference 500 quid more

jbc building contractors 22nd Jun, 2011

hi bob its false economy by the time you,ve bought extra bricks sand and cement plastered the inside your saving nothing most people only have a full wall as a feature or so they can have one wall to have shelves or pictures hope this helps ian all build services


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