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QuestionCan you remove paint from brick?

If so, how?

6 Answers

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Links below to the few of many places you can buy from!

Masonry Paint Stripper www.cirrus-systems.co.uk Effective on concrete, render, brick, plaster, paving, tiles. Safe, biodegr… BioStrip 20 Eco Stripper www.RestExpress.co.uk

Tips & Warnings:
If you do decide to repaint your bricks, use a latex paint or lime wash to allow moisture and air to pass through.
Do not sandblasts or pressure wash the bricks, as this will damage the brick.
Avoid using strong chemicals. Some caustic chemical solutions can cause damage and discoloration to old bricks.

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Depends on your budget, blasting will give it a perfect finish with no signs of paint at all. A chemical paint remover can work too but may not give perfect results.

Magic Touch 18th Feb, 2011

One of the best products for this is a graffiti remover available from most builders merchant.

brick2houseconstruction 17th Feb, 2011

To remove it completely you would have to sand blast the brick work

paint1245 17th Feb, 2011

Be careful if you decide to sand blast, depending on the brick and age of the brick this could damage your brick work but it is very effective.

R Chittenden 17th Feb, 2011

Masonry paint remover Gloves and hard tedious work.

T.M.DECOR 18th Feb, 2011

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