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How do i connect a fitting to a rusty water pipe?

It has been buried and has swollen larger than the fitting size. Is there a special widget to cater for this? Some internal sealing fitting or something?

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If this is the mains water supply pipe to your house and is old galvanised pipe or lead you can get fittings from a plumbers merchants, they are called Talbot Grippa fittings, they come in different sizes for what pipe you are connecting to, and depending on what material and size you are coming out in (blue plastic, copper) differs 2. if you need I can send you their data sheet.

Answered 22nd Jun 2011

Chamberlain Maintenance

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If your water pipe is rusty, as bad as you say, I would suggest renewing the pipe, or at least cut it back to good sound material.

Answered 21st Jun 2011


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You will need to expose pipework back to a point that is not so badly corroded turn the water off if possible, you will need to cut the pipe back & re thread it & fit a new threaded joint metal to copper boss.
I suggest you call a plumber it is not a task you should undertake.
Probably better if possible to remove metal pipework back to external stop valve & replace mains in with plastic.....

Answered 21st Jun 2011

H Kirby Building services Ltd

Member since 9 May 2011

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Hi, You can use a flexible rubber fitting which you can get from any good plumbers merchant. The fitting comes in various sizes and has a jubilee clip on either end making installing child's play... Tom.

Answered 21st Jun 2011

Darcon Building Services

Member since 21 Jun 2011

Martin, is this a main supply for the house? If so It should be lead or alcathyene(blue). I would be very worried about putting mains pressure and dirty water from a corroded pipe into my home, it will do untold damage to your domestic water and heating systems.
get some specialist advice or ask a company to bore you a new plastic main supply.
if your pipe is corroded it may burst anywhere on the line and cause damage to yours or a neighbouring property.

Answered 21st Jun 2011

Pro Finishing Services

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