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What amount of silicon is expected around edge of new upvc windows & doors on outside?

Just had new uPVC windows & doors fitted. Brown uPVC on outside and reddy/brown bricks.

Around windows & doors a 15 by 20mm brown trim has been glued to cover the foam-filled gap. They have used a cloudy whitish silicon (not exactly white, sort of smoky white) to glue the trim. The silicon is clearly visible & to my eye looks excessive. I am worried that this silicon may cause problems when the uPVC windows are replaced. May also affect value of house.
The company (well known) has taken pictures and a manager wrote to me saying "windows are fitted and sealed within (company name) Quality standards and no remedial works to be carried out". Am I being too fussy?
Also annoyed by the installation engineers who said that brown silicon could not have been used because it attracts dirt & dust that sticks to it. Also that smoky white silicon will dry clear(er) and be less noticeable (it hasn't).
Feedback gratefully accepted.
They have my money (unfortunately) and so I don't know what rights I have if I have to take them on. As I said 'one of the big boys' but poor customer service once there is an issue.

Additional Info:
The company is Anglian. Not impressed by them at all.

The trims I am referring to are 10 by 15mm rectangular strips of brown plastic that are glued (using silicon) around the frame to cover the gap between the frame and the brickwork. I had a manager just visit me to explain that the silicon has to fill the gap between the plastic strips & the mortar pointing to prevent water ingress. This makes sense. But sometimes the silicon extends beyond the trim and I hope they will rectify that. He wouldn't comment on the colour of the silicon.

More information:

They came back - after I threatened them with my dad, court, nuclear war - to replace the 'clear' (smoky white) silicon with brown. For some reason nobody likes using brown silicon. It was then that I found out what the original installers had done. They did not 'back fill' around the windows. They should have put silicon or silicon backed with dowel (polystyrene) around the outer edge of the windows & doors, then glued the brown 15 x 20mm brown trim on top of that using silicon.

There was no 'back fill'. They had stuck the trim to the wall using silicon and glued the trim to the window face using bostik (something akin to superglue).

Unless the trim is ripped off, you never know what they do. Most Anglian customers would never have known. It was only because I didn't like the look and wouldn't give up that I found out. You cannot trust Anglian installers - any of them. I was told by the field manager that they were his best team. They have lied over other things too.

If you want windows & doors that look OK but may have been installed incorrectly then go for Anglian. But I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy.

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First of all trims should be put on with double sided tape, a 10 - 15 mm bead of silicone is the norm where the frame or trim meets the wall, about a fingers width.
Brown windows should always be sealed in brown silicone, there are different shades of brown to suit the different frame colours.
As for attracting dirt it's a load of rubbish. All silicone used should be Low Modulas Neutral Cure, regardless of the colour it's all the same.
Chances are they had no brown silicone in the van.
I'm guessing Safestyle?
Find out their Fensa number and report them direct to Fensa.
If all else fails, find a good company to come and remove the silicone and re seal them correctly.

Answered 7th Nov 2013

Birkenshaw Windows

Member since 8 Nov 2010

Hello there, and sorry to hear about your situation.
These problems occur because a lot of companies have self employed agents to sell, ( give a load of bullsh*t to get the job ) and self employed fitters ( if you can call them that ) and they all have there own way of doing thing whether right or wrong.
They just want to get the frames in, cleaned and finished as quick as they can and get onto the next job.

If the silicone and its sounds like clear silicone excess is on the frame or wall side you can cut it off.

Get a sharp Stanley blade, carefully cut down into sealant from one side, then do the same but adjacent to, to meet the first cut. A bit like an L cut, should then pull off in a strip or strips.

If a silicon seal is put on in a 10mm - 15mm thickness, then the person
who surveyed / measure up needs a new tape or glasses. A gap that size is far to big even if they are dark PVC-u.
Also Fensa are not here to sort out bad workmanship.

Find out if Anglian is a member of DGCOS OMBUDSMAN
Free Advice Line- 0845-053-8975
Hope you get sorted

Regards John

Answered 12th Nov 2013

Homesure Installations & Building Services

Member since 14 Jan 2008

As everyone else said. Personally I would never recommend these window companies. They're all after the sale! Normally better value to get an independent fitter. Frames may be more expensive, due to big firms having huge contracts with manufacturers. As with all works, you get what you pay for! When I fit windows we always colour match as close as possible to window frames colour. Never heard anything so daft as brown collects dust!

Glad you got it sorted!

Answered 3rd Mar 2017

CODOAM Construction and Maintenance

Member since 28 Feb 2017

Basically brown silicone is harder to use so need to be good and precise to leave a good finish, and as brown is less popular nowadays installers tend to carry less hence your installers using translucent(clear silicone) and as the big boys deal in numbers over quality the care input reduces. With the right company it really is better to spend your money with a local company with a good reputation than give it to a national to go into the pockets of there shareholders as the installers wouldn’t of gotten paid well for it.

Answered 26th Sep 2018

Love windows devon

Member since 12 Sep 2018

Hello, if the windows were measured properly,there should only be a 5mm silicone seal all around the frame

Answered 28th Sep 2018

MCS Window & Door Repairs

Member since 6 Sep 2018

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