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kitchen worktop damage

I have just discovered a damage on my laminate kitchen worktop in the top and bottom corners of where my cooker has been fitted and I am very keen to find out what might have caused it. The damage looks like a bubble which has pushed the cooker up creating a gap between the cooker and the surface but what troubles me is that the crack on the edge of the bubble is not at a joint point of the laminate boards, therefore it is unlikely that water ingress has caused it. I would be very grateful for your experienced feedback on the cause of the damage.

Many thanks for all your responses so far. Attached a postimage link with photos of the damage which hopefully will make it all a lot more clear.

Kind regards

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Is your cooker a hob set into the work surface.
If so it sounds like the cut out wasnt sealed before hob was fitted and water has got into it and delaminated the top.
Theres not a lot you can do, but replace the top, make sure whoever fits it, seals the inside cutout with sealer or clear silicone, and also seal hob down to top.
It only needs small amounts of water to delaminate the unsealed suface.

Answered 21st Jun 2011


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Hi, I assume this is a fitted hob cut into your work top... if so the most likely cause is water that has blown the chipboard under the laminate. After any cut-out in the work top a competent kitchen fitter should always seal the raw chipboard edge with varnish or a similar sealant to stop this happening.. I hope this is of some help.. Tom

Answered 21st Jun 2011

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very strange i dont think it water, not the way it has cracked with the front split completely and the back corner speading out from the corner. To me it looks like the front has been snapped threw, i have seen this once before with a sink and it wasn't water damage and the sink was as close to the worktop joint. What had happened was the joint on worktop was cut with out checking for squareness of the room and the fiiter had pushed the work top back to fit the wall and had stressed the whole that was cut for the sink, it took a while for any damage to show but when it went it did look similiar to your damage.

Answered 21st Sep 2011

Onspec Limited

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Upload your pictures to an image upload site like , post the link(s) here.
Will be able to answer your question when I have had a look.

Answered 21st Jun 2011

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Upload your pictures to an image upload site like , post the link(s) here and I will try answer your queries.

Answered 21st Jun 2011

ATS Building Services

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Upload your pictures to an image upload site like , post the link(s) here and I will try answer your queries.

Answered 21st Jun 2011

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hi there , if the hob is sealed properly to the worktop no water will get through, it shouldnt get a lot of water anyway with being a hob and not a sink only spillages , hope this helps ricky

Answered 3rd Aug 2011

RS installations

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