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Asbestos testing certificate for private home (ceiling mid 1990's extension)

Hi everyone, does anyone know the most cost effective place to acquire a certificate. My kichen fitting company always insists on asbestos cert, swirly texturised kitchen ceiling n extension built 1990's. Reading area, berkshire.

already paid big deposit so cant change kitchen company.

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It really depends on what type of survey they require, there are three different versions of the survey. Type 1, 2, & 3, the last being an intrusive survey and to be honest the other two are not worth the paper they are written on. I come across a lot of these surveys and asbestos works whilst working on MOD contracts and would of thought you will be looking at about £300 for the survey. they do tend to come and knock lots of little holes in your rooms so they can take samples,these you will have to repair which can be a pain if they don't find anything. If they do find anything in the artex it will be of the low hazard variety so it should be fairly inexpensive to have it removed.

On a separate note, hats off to the kitchen fitters for asking, people don't realise how much of this stuff was used in general building and if you do have a survey done you may be surprised where they actually find it.

Hope this helps



Answered 22nd Feb 2011

best advice.i went on the google search engine and got a few numbers and got prices of them.thanks nick


Answered 21st Feb 2011

chances are very slim that you have asbestos as it was banned from 1985 and only alowed to be used in certain circumstances . and i cannot imagine that this was an acceptable circumstance . however if the company insist on it then you have to comply as you will lose the deposit .


Answered 26th Feb 2011

how big is your kitchen artex used to have asbestoes in it would be far better off having it removed and a new ceiling fitted ,the company who you have picked to fit your kitchen are picking holes in H & S ,IF thay are not fitting any lights or drilling into your ceiling it will not have any afect to them its only when the ceiling as to be drilled or cut that it will afect them thay must have a water tight contract for you to lose out and if thay think you have it in your ceiling thay should of told you when thay called to give you a quote and also told you before you gave them the job I would see about getting your money back if thay called to give you a quote and never said any thing about it before you paid


Answered 25th Mar 2011

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