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Do both fitters have to be knowledgable? effect on time if not?

My landlord is fitting a new bathroom, It's meant to be done between Mon and Sun so 7days, he sent a two man team to measure, one appears to be a proper tiler, the other is the landlord's handy-man.

I think the handy-man doesn't really know what he is doing at all - last time he was here he put chipped tiles back on after doing a repair under the bath, used chipboard behind the taps, tiled over it at an angle & left the end unsealed.

The work to be done is - rip out old bath suite, retile whole bathroom including floor (over existing floor tiles), refit bath suite. I assume they will use the simple large square tiles & a standard basic bath suite. The room is 6'x8'x8' & I already have the ceiling painted.

My question is - would the one man (tiler) who knows what he is doing, be able to get the work done to an acceptable standard and done in the 7days promised?

Added -

Perhaps it's not clear enough in my original question that the unskilled person is the landlord's worker and so is in charge of work to be done - hence my concern. And I was told two weeks by the landlord's worker - provided I got 'off-site' by moving out while work was done.

The landlord's worker told the landlord what he thought needed doing. I think the floor is totally sound. Even if it wasn't, I would have thought tiling on it & so leaving a lip at the door (and having to cut the door to fit) was not as acceptable as ripping it up & replacing properly, but it all goes to what I think is this guy being out of his depth/actually creating (paid) work for himself. He actually suggested tiling over the existing wall tiles, that are not only boast but chipped too, until the tiler told him no.

In the end the tiler decided he didn't want to do it but the landlord's worker didn't tell anyone this until 4pm on the day they had been due to start - and only after I called the landlord to find out why no-one had turned up.

My landlord has asked me if I can help find a tiler but none so far will agree to work under the unskilled guy so I assume that is why the landlord can't find anyone either.

So perhaps the rephrased question(s) is:

Would working under an unskilled worker (where he is in charge of what is to be done and buying all the materials) affect the outcome in terms of time/quality when it needs down in a 5-7day time frame?

If it would (or I can't find anyone willing to take it on) what can I say to my landlord to get him to consider giving charge of the whole job to someone properly registered and who knows what they are doing, even if their quote is higher?

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If he is a good tradesman, yes there should be no problems. Check he is insured correctly and that all the manufacturers product fittings are carried out in line with what they suggest then no problems.
All the very best.


Answered 22nd Nov 2013

Absolutely, if he is competent and knows what he's doing it should be done in 5-7 days, but why tile over existing floor tiles? Are they fixed soundly, with no cracks or movement?
I would ask him to check this first, or the new tiles will crack as well. He should use a minimum of 1/4" marine ply as underlay on top of existing if they are okay.


Answered 21st Nov 2013

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