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Much difference in architect design for basic extension? how much would plans cost?


I will complete on a semi-detached house purchase in 5 weeks and would I like to build a double height extension as soon as possible to move the bathroom upstairs and maintain three bedrooms. When considering which architect to hire to draw up plans, would there be a great deal of difference in plans suggested? What should I consider when choosing an architect? How much would plans cost? I plan to get plans drawn and then get builders to quote - will the architect be able to draw plans with an approximate build cost in mind, or be able to advise whether a double height vs single height plus loft extension would be cheaper for example?

The adjoining house already has a large single height extension so I think I will need a party wall agreement. Will the architect be able to advise whether I need planning permission and start the process for building regs etc, advise what paperwork needs to be in place before builders start? Would this usually be an additional cost?

How much does it usually cost to put a party wall agreement in place?

Many thanks

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Hi, I am a Chartered Architectural Technologist and a Chartered Builder and can do exactly the same service for you as an Architect. I am fully qualified and insured to legally design your extension and draw up the plans, sections and details required for Building Regulations and Planning Permission. I would give you a quote for my services which includes an approximate cost for the works. This is backed up by Terms and Conditions which ensure that the quote for the services given will not incur hidden charges. I would do all specifications and schedules of work required for the builders to price against included within my quote and offer a separate fee for acquiring and producing contracts for the works and acting as your Contract Administrator to ensure that the building you get is exactly what you want. Being a self employed professional with my own company I can offer to beat any other professional quote for the services offered. I am based in South Yorkshire. Cheers.


Answered 20th Nov 2013

I'm in Hertfordshire and have known architects in this area to charge from £120 per hour for domestic extension drawings. What guarantees do you have that in a busy practice the appointed architect actually does the work?
In my experience, as long as you can draw to scale and provide accurate information on a drawing the planning authority are not going to check your qualifications in order to pass your plans. Being able to draw plans and elevations does not necessarily mean that mean that the draughts-person has the technical knowledge to be able to complete the building regulations drawings either.
With more that 10years designing multi-million pound Tesco superstores and owning and then 14years running my own design and build company has provided me with the architectural and technical knowledge to provide these services.

Best wishes

Andy at Room-by-Room (UK) ltd


Answered 24th Jan 2014

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