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Very noisey pipes when flushing the toilet

Downstairs toilet makes a terrible noise when flushed unless the cold tap is also on until the cistern fills up. Or sometimes it does not make a noise until the cistern fills and then the pipes make a terrible noise

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diaphragm washer in the ball valve needs changing or might just be a bit of grit on it unless the water pressure has suddenly increased overnight if it was the pipes need securing it would have made noise from day 1 .trust me im time served with over 30 yrs exp mind you post it as a job on here some one will do it for the price of a mars bar for you

Answered 21st Jun 2011

JWC Property Services

Member since 25 May 2011

From experience it sounds like the water inlet valve is faulty. This problem is common with equilibrium float valves. You can change the washers or as the fitting is so cheap, replace the whole valve.

If you are paying to have this work done, value for money would say get the valve replaced. Saves messing about later on

Answered 22nd Jun 2011

To The Point Plumbing

Member since 19 Feb 2009

Price of a mars bar? I will sort it for feedback

Answered 21st Jun 2011

H Kirby Building services Ltd

Member since 9 May 2011

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sounds like to me that the inlet valve e.g ball valve is jumpling causing water hammer along the pipes.

Answered 20th Jun 2011

AC plumbing and heating

Member since 9 May 2009

The water presure/flow needs reducing to the cistern
Fit servis valve on the pipe to the cisturn to reduce the
flow this will help

Answered 20th Jun 2011

S M Branton LTD

Member since 3 Feb 2011

If it sounds like a'ships horn' then isolate water strip and clean filling valve assembly
replace seals and re-try or as the other answers.

Answered 21st Jun 2011


Member since 19 Nov 2010

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could be pipes need securing or ball valve incorrectly fitted

Answered 20th Jun 2011

Dartnote Ltd

Member since 2 Nov 2010

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