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Paint on wall starting bobble

there is not water pipe other side wall,

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Not all damp problems means physical damp in the form of rising moisture, ingress or penetration - and not all damp areas means the source of damp. For example, some damp areas within a building are caused by the build up of a range of different salts, efflorescent and hygroscopic (chlorides and nitrates which absorb moisture in the surrounding environment). Widespread condensation can also be caused when relative humidity remains consistently over an ideal norm of 65% due to poor ventilation and air circulation - these are very common. The only way to 'cure' symptoms of damp in a building (truly) is to have a full and thorough assessment (and in very extreme cases where contaminants are evident, then core samples and lab analysis). Incorrect specification for the control of dampness can lead to unnecessary expense and further damage. And that, in the remedial building industry today, is a far greater problem than any damp problem I've ever seen.

Questions like these are impossible to answer in this manner. That really needs to be understood.


Answered 5th Jul 2011

It will be caused by some sort of water ingress?
Could be a leak, rising damp if at low level or water penatration
from else where and it is finding its way out where the bubbling
is apperaring. is it a solid or hollow wall? if its hollow there may be pipes buried itside, may also be a pipe in a solid wall depending on the age of the building.
In some cases it can be caused by condensation, affecting the plaster and/or the brickwork behind? so really you need someone who knows about this type of problem to have a look at it.
It can also turn into a case of illimination as you think u've cured it and it is still there? Good luck. Alfie @ Pimco


Answered 20th Jun 2011

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