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Material required to path up crumbling brickwork

What material should I use to cosmetically patch up the crumbling surface of brickwork at ground level on my ex local authority house built circa 1944.

The last stuff I used fell off!

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Hi, to be honest I could do with pictures of the brickwork, only thing you can do is give the brickwork a good clean and then give it a good coat of PVA, then render a plinth with waterproofer in mix along the bottom, it might stay there until frost comes.
Hope this is of some help.


Answered 21st Feb 2011

I wouldnt try to patch the bricks, try stitch drilling the bad bricks out, usually the reverse side will have a good face on it, and rebed.
Otherwise get bricks to match and replace


Answered 21st Feb 2011

I've read through the answers given.(never use pva on the exterior of a building! Always use a EVA glue) My advice would be option 3 although trying to drill out the bricks you are bound to incur breakages especially if single bricks, patches are slightly easier. you could source some matching bricks and use those. This would be the ideal, although we do many properties where we do a simple mortar brick repair using brick dyes to match existing, these type of repair you will see all over London especially on red brick buildings. If done correctly they can last 15-20 years, although swapping a brick for a brick will last a lifetime. Hope this helps.


Answered 23rd Feb 2011

First off really clean all the loose material away, then you need to buy some SBR (B&Q) and paint this on the area, mix up 4 parts sharp sand (must be sharp) to 1 part cement, put one coat one the scarify and wait til the next day and put a finish coat on...


Answered 21st Feb 2011

Replacement the cheapest and best option.


Answered 24th May 2011

just chop the old bricks out and replace save a lot of time and money


Answered 3rd Mar 2011

if you wanted to patch brickwork up rather than replace bricks you would have to take all loose off wire brush off patch up with sand and cement mix 3-1 with a strong external adesive mixed in


Answered 11th Mar 2011

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