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What do i need to do(helppppp

hi,had a new bathroom fitted 1 year ago with traventine on walls and floor tiles starting to pop out and there is some flurecense around 2 wall and water coming out from behind the fittings of the bath.

---Hi Pro Finishing Services
MAny thank for your reply, i think you maybe right water may have gone in it
I have sealed it twice in one year but i got a feeling that is either the new bath that doesn't have a skeleton and may have moved so water is geting behind or due to the bathroom being and extesion to the house and the only walls with problens are those that back to the outside.
I'm really scared that i will have to take the all lot out to inclusive re do the bath to sort the problem.
I asked advice to a frien and he thinking i may need to render the walls and re do the tiles :( not a good prospect....

Thanks for all your help
Apparently is rising damp... not sure if i can claim that on insurance, not good

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Sounds like the Travertine was not sealed. Not sure how bad it is, does it need removing? or can you let it all dry out and seal it?
Travertine is a porous natural stone. It needs regular sealing, roll or brush on silicone based sealant.

As for the flourescense can you rake the grout out, reapply and reseal that area, sounds like water is washing the material behind your tile outl

Well I suggest you post this as a job in your area for a bathroom specialist to attend and diagnose the problems, it may be that you have an insurance claim on your bathroom caused by water ingress from elsewhere, at present it's only guesswork.

Go to the post a job section, get qualified trades out and take the advice from there, best wishes


Answered 19th Jun 2011

it seems that your bathroom was done by someone like me,i,m a fencer by trade and i don,t get involved in aspects that i have no clue about it
stop hire people for cheap labor
regards peter


Answered 20th Jun 2011

Hi, It appears that the installation was carried out incorrrectly. If so they should put it right, or you claim from their liability insurance. Did you get a warranty.


Answered 22nd Jun 2011

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