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QuestionBuilding stud walls and thickness of studs

I'm going to be building a couple of stud walls in a fortnight and have the layout planned but just stuck on how thick I should have the actual studs.
I initially was going to have 89mm thick studs with 9.5mm plasterboard which in total would match the 108mm thick door lining I was going to use. I then realised that if I did it like this then I'd have no space to put a skim over the plasterboard.
I've therefore looked at having 63mm thick studs with 12.5mm plasterboard which leaves 10mm of space for the skim but this sounds like too much to me. For a standard stud wall with a door what thickness of material would you usually use (Stud & Plasterboard)?

UPDATE: Thanks for the comments, i'll find myself some 50x100mm CLS timber and go with that, will also give me the chance get some 100mm insulation in too. Thanks again.

2 Answers

most internal studwork partition walls are constructed using 50 x 100mm CLS timber clad both sides with single layer of 12.5mm plasterboard. This is then compatible with a 132mm x 32mm PSE door lining set all ready for a skim coat of approx. 3mm

Brayfield Construction 15th Oct, 2013

Brayfield has explained pretty well, if your combination DOESN'T work, then get yourself a circular saw and alter the door lining set to suit before putting it together :)

Roc builders 15th Oct, 2013

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