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Electric oven makes the power trip

Worked fine until today when I wanted to use it. Fan turns on but as soon as I turn the temperature up, everything stops and the fuse board turn itself off.
Even with the fan on, temp to zero, if I try and set up the clock on the oven, power gets cut off. Same when I use the grill. What could it be?

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As with everything else that's broken worked fine until it was broken. Its almost certainly a broken heating element that needs replacing but will need testing to confirm this. I recommend calling an appliance engineer or even replacing the oven if its only a cheap one.

Answered 5th Oct 2013

kevin cassidy building contractors

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A common problem! - Its 90% likely that the oven element has developed a live or neutral to earth fault on it that's causing the circuit breaker or RCD to trip. Fitting a new oven element will solve the problem. Depending on the make and model number of the oven, you'd be looking at about £30 for a new element plus labour cost to fit it.

Answered 5th Oct 2013

Electrical Safety Services

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Hi Maria,

I don't think the fault is with the element. If the fault was with the element the fuse will only blow when you turn the element on. But as you say it trips the fuse even when you are trying to set the time on the clock, it looks like the fault is with the internal cables. Probably a cable has melted or has been chewed by mice coursing a breakdown in the cables insulation.
This problem can easily be identified by any electrician who has a tester able to performing an Isolation Resistance Test with all the hobs and oven in the off position.

Answered 7th Oct 2013


Member since 7 Oct 2013

Sounds like a short somewhere on the oven internal wiring or element.
Its possibly a fault on the oven circuit but i would think more on the appliance side by the sound of it

Answered 5th Oct 2013

SES Electrical Contractors (UK) Ltd

Member since 16 Sep 2013

Hi Maria,

When you say "fuse board turns itself off", I am assuming that you mean everything in the home turns off, not just the circuit for the oven. This typically means that there is an imbalance between live conductors caused by earth leakage and your RCD has detected this. Usually this is caused by a faulty heating element but as you have faults when you operate multiple parts of the oven, this is one I have not come across before. I would recommend that you get someone in to look at the problem.

Answered 5th Oct 2013


Member since 4 Oct 2013

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