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Central Heating

Vaillant ecotec boiler stopped working and display is blank

Anonymous user 2 October 2013 - 5.44 PM

Hi. My 4 year old boiler has stopped working. The display is blank. Had power and fuses checked all ok. Any ideas has to what the problem could be? Thank you.

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Anonymous user

Printed circuit board, if quick blow fuse hasn't blown, isolate electric supply, usually a 3 amp fused spur, remove fuse so no one can switch back on, then check inside electric compartment. Don't touch anything, just observe to see if glass fuse has blackened or burnt out, if so replace fuse, put front cover back on, then replace 3 amp fuse and hopefully you have power. If not, call Vaillant.


13 October 2013


Full Flame
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Dalston, London

That will need a new PCB Part Number: 20132764 about £200 plus 1 hours labour


3 October 2013


kevin cassidy building contractors
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Internal fuse or transformer, call a gas safe engineer. Kevin.


2 October 2013