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Is it possible to mount a 32 inch tv to a plasterboard wall?

I would like to mount my 32 inch television to a wall and hide the cables in my bedroom. The wall is an internal wall so has no brick work and I have been unable to locate the studs (if any) myself. The power socket and aerial point are already in place & I also already have the tv bracket, however I am unsure of how sturdy the wall is or how big/messy a job this will be. I'd like to know if there is a way this can be done?

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Yes, ideally you need to locate studding/uprights in the wall, but you can use butterfly/toggle clips that push through and open up inside to spread the weight/grip of the tv bracket.


Answered 30th Sep 2013

Good tips above. You could also cut the plasterboard in an area that you will be covering with the TV to enable you to locate the studs which should be no more than 600mm apart depending on the build age. If you did this you could then remove a section of board cutting back to half way through the stud then fix timbers between the two studs which would give you a good spread of weight for the tv. All you would then need to do then is fill the joining edges where you have cut the board which should be hidden by the tv. Then you could use a choice if fixings to attach the bracket. Happy fixing!!


Answered 1st Oct 2013

Over a period of time and people fiddling with the TV adjusting cables or whatever, toggle bolts will come loose and weaken the plasterboard surrounding the toggle bolt. There are a lot of brackets out there that have multiple fixing points across the back plate so fixing to studs should not be a problem. If the wall is dry lined then use frame type fixings i.e. fisher fixings or similar as these should reduce the chance of crushing the plasterboard if not over tightened.
The last thing you need is your £500 flat screen crashing to the floor in a years time.
If in doubt call someone in it should not cost that much.
Hope this helps-Kevin.


Answered 30th Sep 2013

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