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How to get a new water supply pipe into house

I want to get 2 new water supplies into my house as there is currently a single lead supply pipe into the house, which is then split to feed my flat and the flat above (which brings water pressure issues). I've had Bristol Water around to inspect and they have said they can make changes to give us 2 supplies with meters outside the property boundary. Then it is our responsibility to get the new supply pipes to the house.

My question is, who do I ask to dig the trench for the pipes and how would the pipes get through/under the house foundations and into the house? (There is an under-floor void but not as deep as the trench would have to be.)

Thank you.

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A Plumber should be able to do yhis job. laying a new main, or two for that matter is a part of a plumbers job. the foundation would need to be core drilled and brought up in a soil stack box or cupboard etc assuming the layout of both flats are the same.obviously the ground floor will have to be dug up to get access to the incoming new mains pipes. Messy. I would think you will be talking four figures. Hope this helps.

Answered 16th Jun 2011

AEB Bathroom Installations

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from the water company stopcock onwards to the property is called the supply line and is the responibility of the householder, any good civils contractor will dig the trench to lay the service pipe, the depth of the service pipe has to be min 750 m/m and max 1350m/m and enter the property (the house foundations) thru a sleeved hole.
regards steve.

Answered 17th Jun 2011

city centre plumbing

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you will need the services of a specialist groundworking company.

Answered 16th Jun 2011

ABS Plumbing & Electrical ltd

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Hi who ever puts in your water pipes can put a duct in over the foundations and up through the floors. if any doubt can be rapped in insulation as well. This has been done before and passed by water bored.
Hope this helps

Answered 16th Jun 2011

T R H Building Services

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Hello. You will need to employ the services of a good groundworker for this work as the trench needs to be 750mm deep and the new service pipe needs to enter the house at this depth also, it will possibly involve some excavation internally as well, but once the new pipe has entered the building the depth under the floor can reduce as there is less exposure to the elements eg cold weather to cause frezzing. This is a job we could carryout if you wish.


TSH Builders

Answered 16th Jun 2011


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If you look for a local company that does trenchless water main technology in your yellow pages or on here they will do all the work for you without digging your property up, the supply pipe only has to be 750mm deep untill your property so once into the void it can go anywhere after that. hope this helps

Answered 16th Jun 2011

C A Riches Plumbing & Heating Services

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A good quality Building company will be able to undertak the whole thing for you, this is a standerd proceduer.
There are many ways to accomplish the works it will need to be survayed first to decide on the best course for your property.

regards Ashley

Answered 16th Jun 2011


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