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Standard practice for electrical rewiring

I think we have had a dodgy electrician re wire our house and just wanted to ask a few questions...

1. In all 5 bedrooms, the electrician has chased horizontally round the room from plug sock to plug socket. Is this standard practice / safe?

2. In 3 of the bedrooms, the electrician has chased up the middle of the wall. This is not above a plug socket. Is this standard practice / safe?

3. All wires were left floating around i.e. not tacked to the walls or in casing. Is this standard practice / safe?

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1/ permitted zones for cable runs are horizontal or vertical to accessories but I have never seen it done the way you describe. The only thing I can think of as to why is if he is paying for the cable himself he is trying to save money (that's super tight).

2/ Permitted zones 150mm from ceiling / 150mm from corners

3/ Generally most sparks would clip and cap as a minimum, some use oval tube. Clipping alone can be ok if being dry lined. How does he expect the plasterers to plaster without damaging the cables with the cables floating around?

Have you had an installation certificate and has the job been registered with the local authority i.e. have you had a compliance certificate?


Just a note to correct someone's opinion it is the householder that carries the ultimate responsibility for compliance to regulation as stated by government document, follow link to item numbers 47/50(liability) http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201012/cmselect/cmcomloc/1851/185106.htm

Answered 26th Sep 2013

kevin cassidy building contractors

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Hi Stacey
Just out of curiousity who is he registered with? Ask him could be a interesting answer. Regards Jeh

Answered 26th Sep 2013

jeh electrical

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In a word he's a cowboy! This very much sounds like it could be outside the safe zones. All cables need to be secured and where cables are chased into the wall they should be at least 50mm deep or RCD protected as per BS7671:2008 requirements.

You'll be saying next that he did not issue you with a three page electrical test certificate or notify the work to building control under part P of the building regulations?

If so the poor quality work is the least of your worries as you can be fined up to £5000 for not complying with the law. It's your responsibility as the homeowner to hire a Part P registered electrician. See link below


Answered 26th Sep 2013

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Just a quick note really, there is nothing that you have said which would classify the electrician as unsafe, everyone else have made assumptions on his abilities without understanding the full picture. Before asking your questions on here, did you communicate with the electrician and share your concerns, that may have helped?

And one more point just to correct an earlier point, under Part P legislation, the home-owner is liable for prosecution if they DIY without notifying, the installer is prosecuted if they do not notify. The home-owner is under no legal obligation to use a Part P registered business.

However, if you don't you could have an unsafe home and your insurance may be void...so why are cowboys still in business?...well that is our collective fault for not letting people know that there is a "corgi" equivalent for electrical installation competence, being Part P registration.

Answered 5th Oct 2013


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