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Dual heating boilers

We have moved into an extended bungalow with elderly relatives, so there are three generations under one roof. The big issue we have is heating as the elderly want the CH on when it drops to 20 degrees or less and will often have it up at 24+ in winter. Fuel bill for gas is obscene. Is it possible to have a separate combi boiler installed into their extended part of the bungalow, and if yes would this be difficult and expensive to do? If practicable we could have independent heating and save running costs over next few years. Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed.

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If your intention is only to have different areas at different temperatures, you will be able to do this by using thermostatic rad valves. Fit the room thermostat in the room that will be the warmest and set the rad valves accordingly. Set at the right settings the rads will not come on when you don't want them to.


Answered 26th Sep 2013

kevin cassidy building contractors

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Hi, one option would be to zone your heating into two parts one where the elderly live one in the main house. You then get two room stats working independently of each other, combine this system with thermostatic valves and you will save a fortune on your gas bill.

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Answered 27th Sep 2013


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In addition to the other answer, you could have Zone Valves fitted, this allows heating to be controlled to various parts of your property by independent room thermostats, thus only heating one part of the house calling for heat, and another to remain off if there is no demand. Therefore saving gas as heat is required to limited areas occupied by your elderly relatives.

Answered 28th Sep 2013

Boiler Homecare

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To install a separate boiler for the extension could be costly, another alternative could be to zone off separate areas of the house which can be controlled by their own room thermostats or programmable room thermostats.
Hope this helps.

Answered 28th Sep 2013

sm plumbing and heating

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