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Woodworm in joists & floorboards

i have active woodworm in my house that has damaged some floorbards and joists, i have had several companies to give me quotes, each gives different advice and huge variance in price. A number of questions we have, is chipboard flooring as good as floorboards ? what is best method to ensure woodworm does not happen again ? how can we tell which advice to take, some quotes only change some floorboards and joists whilst others suggest complete replacement.

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May i ask how have they found the woodworm to be active?
Have they laid white paper under the effected area`s and played the waiting game to see if any burr falls onto the paper? To prove they are active!
Life cycle of a commen beetle is 6 years and during this time the beetle lays the eggs and then turns to a grub and that is what does the damage. The pilot holes/Exit holes are made from the beetle tunneling out and the beetle then looks for a new area to lay its eggs,then the cycle starts again.

The only reason i would see fit to remove timbers is if they are structurally unsound,timbers can look solid but if the core of the joist has been eaten away then t has no strength to carry the floor.
If the whole area does need replacing and money is no object,you cant beat timber flooring but chipboard which is tanelised will do the job and stand for many years.

Any beetle found in the one area i would treat the whole area.

May i ask did they only look at the one area in question? Because the beetle does move about and it could be found in a roof area and also on the ground floor!
Not always everywhere and it my have just started in this one said area.

Any company would offer to not only look at the area in question but with owners permission look at other exposed area`s.

I hope they offered a FREE survey and Quote for you.

I dont know where you are in the country but if your local to Essex i offer a free Survey with no obligation.

Good Luck

Scott Cannon.


Answered 15th Jun 2011

The holes you see in the timber are the holes made by the worm( actually a beetle) getting out of the wood to lay eggs.
You need to treat the wood with a boron based treatment to stop them laying their eggs back down the holes!! Their eggs/larvae can stay in the wood for up to ten years eating away at your floor boards and the egg laying season is about from now till august.
Chip board floors are fine they are cheaper to buy and install but may last only 50 years and are less attractive
Traditional floor boards are more attractive and can be left uncarpeted and might last 150 years but are more expensive.
As for the variety in quotes it depends how much you want to spend....personally I would replace badly damaged ones and treat rest with boron.



Answered 15th Jun 2011

if i was you i would go with new joists and flooring with all other near area's tread-ed
it will cost you but in the long run you will have Price of mind knowing it won't come back, like if you just replace flooring.

thanks matt


Answered 15th Jun 2011

Greatly depending on the room use; under usual circumstances chipboard is fine but not as durable as timber and doesn't look so good, localised removal is also OK providing that all areas, once cleaned are treated with a proprietry fluid!


Answered 15th Jun 2011

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