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Do ridge tiles need pointing?

Hi, I'm a landlord and recently set about some work on my properties. I have several roofs that need renewing and just had the first one done by a local firm. I couldn't help but notice that my ridge weren't pointed like the neighbouring properties (they have clear gaps in between each one).

When I asked the roofer he said they don't need pointing because he's 'done it from underneath' so I can only assume he means bedding them is sufficient. Can someone please advise if this is correct?

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Hi Mark. If your roofer has left ridge tiles in this way, he's not a roofer. Ridge tiles need removing completely re-beded with a three to one sand cement bed, all joints correctly pointed. Any other way and they're taking money from you for a cosmetic job only. Or why not try a dry ridge system, or a putty system, it's more expensive but will never fall out. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Alf, UK Roofing And Building.

Answered 7th Oct 2013

Uk Roofing & Building Ltd

Member since 7 Dec 2012

Mark, change your roofer, he sounds a right cowboy. Was only browsing through but had to comment. It's people like him that get us decent roofers a bad name. The boys above have all told you how it should be done, so get it done before water goes in and does more damage.

Answered 16th Oct 2013

D Marks Contractors.

Member since 11 Jan 2010

hi mark,
without looking at the type of ridge tile it is not possible to be 100% sure,
depends what type of ridge tiles you have on your roof, angled capped ridge tiles do not require pointing if fitted correcty and are indeed secured from below if it is just half round then yes thay do need pointing.

Answered 20th Sep 2013

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

Alarm bells are ringing here!
You can't just plonk a ridge tile on a bed of mortar balanced over the ridge board! Tell him not to be so silly and get back up there and do a proper job. The open gap will be subject to driving rain and eventually the ridge tile will fall off damaging something or worse someone!

Answered 20th Sep 2013

JLM Architecture Limited

Member since 5 Sep 2013

Hi Mark, I am with JLM on this sounds like this company are pulling the wool over your eyes. I have not come across many ridge tiles that don't require mortar pointing unless it's a dry ridge system. If not pointed they will allow water ingress which will overtime allow water in to your property and will make the ridge tiles unsafe!

Answered 27th Sep 2013

Houston Roofing Ltd

Member since 11 Jan 2009

I'm with ADR & Houston, get him back to finish the job properly, there is only dry ridge that doesn't need pointing,

Answered 3rd Oct 2013

heritage roofing

Member since 18 Sep 2013

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