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Biasi boiler thermister problem?

I have a Biasi boiler m96.28sm/c. It is in a property which I have bought, the radiators were drained down as its been empty 2 months. The 2 lights were flashing saying the ch temperature probe was faulty. The boiler would fire up, produce hot water and the ch would come on but then after about 60 seconds or so would shut down again. Then a short time later fire up and keep going in a cycle like this. As the flashing fault lights indicated a thermister issue a new one was fitted. Strangely now it does not fire up at all but when the old thermister is placed back in again it fires up again, produces hot water and the ch again comes on then off then tries starting again after a few minutes. Radiators get slightly warm before it shuts down again. All radiators were bled.

We then took the new thermister back to the shop (given the old one is actually firing the boiler, heating water etc) as felt it must be faulty but they tested it in the shop said it was ok. Anyway, they did give me another new one and again the same issue, nothing when it's in, but again when we put the old one back it fires/heats water and starts up the ch for a few seconds then shuts down.

Any ideas what might be wrong here please ?

Thank you very much

Sorry I do not know how to reply to james wilkinson construction but please get your facts right. These repairs are being done by a gas safe registered engineer, I would not be so stupid as to mess with a boiler as I know nowt about them!! My gas safe engineer normally services boilers all day long but is new to repairs and is doing me a favour. Anyway my GAS SAFE REGISTERED friend rang biasi for advice (couldn't do that at 7pm the night before and we were a little stumped as it seemed very odd). Anyways we bought a genuine part yesterday. Boiler up and running so please check your facts before berating the stupid diyer who is not quite so stupid as she seems!!

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In response to your edited post:

I am not a prophet, as you did not state in your original post that a Gas Safe engineer was undertaking these works, so if anyone should check their facts it is you sir!

We offer our help and advise freely and expect nothing in return, except in the hope and knowledge that home owners act responsibly concerning gas appliances. You retrospectively have appeared to have done that, but not everyone is as safety conscious as you.

Answered 18th Sep 2013

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