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Using exsisting light switch for led's

i have a 2 gang and a 1 gang light switch in the kitchen...2 gang for kitchen light and outside light...1 gang also works kitchen light.

is it poss to replace the one gang to a two gang,,,chop the plug of the driver and wire it to the spare switch?? so i can switch the led strip lights on and off.

what would be the correct way to wire it?

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It would be possible for you to change and use the switch to operate the LED lights, however it isnt as simple as cutting off the plug and wiring them in. Generally, a light switch receives a live in from the light switches it and the live out then powers the light. A switch doesnt have a neutral. Your plug will have one live and one neutral, so removing the plug would leave you with a switch live and a neutral, but you'd need to get a live and neutral to it, the live can be taken from the other side of the switch easily enough but there wont be an existing neutral, and within an existing installation like you have its unlikely you can just get that cable to the switch. Instead you'd need to plug the lights in as normal, then cut the live wire and include the switch into the circuit. this could be done using a 2 gang switch in the way you like, but as for feasibility it would depend on your house and other factors. Your best and safest option would be to call in an electrician and ask them to sort it for you.

Answered 16th Sep 2013

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I'm unclear of what your trying to do, but if your thinking you can just remove a single gang switch and put a two gang one in place, then it may not be that simple. The LED driver will require both a switched live and a neutral in ordre to work As its uncommon to have a neutral conductor at the switch, you'll need to get a neautral from the same lighting circuit, probably at the nearest light?

Remember that DIY electrical work in the kitchen is Part P notifiable, so you need to submit an application and pay your local authority the appropriate fee to get consent to do the work.
Without part P consent your breaking the law and can be fine up to £5000.

Google part P for more information or see the don't take the P website.

Answered 15th Sep 2013

Electrical Safety Services

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Changing 1 gang switch to 2 gang is fairly simple. Put new feed into 2 nd connections permanent live and switch live and link the com

Answered 15th Sep 2013


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